If your doctor suggests knee surgery as a treatment for your injury or arthritis of the knee, you may feel a little scared and unsure about what's likely to happen to you. Relax. Getting the right information and knowing the options can help you approach your impending treatment in a calm, unstressed state
of mind.

By browsing this site, you will be able to gather information about:

Knee anatomy> bones,
cartilage, ligaments and muscles

Knee arthritis> causes, symptoms and treatment

Non-surgical alternatives> conservative measures to relieve your pain

Total knee replacement> implant components and procedure

knee replacement>

smaller cut/faster recovery

knee replacement>

the new solution, how
it works, patient benefits
and equipment


Surgery day> pre-operative procedures, preparation for the hospital, day of surgery and recovery

Post-operative care> possible complications
and precautions

Rehabilitation> early rehabilitation, precautions,
at home and long-term goals

Life after knee surgery> activities to avoid and how
long your implant will last